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Light Is a Kind of Rhythm
December 2009
Light Is a Kind of Rhythm provides a speculative history of cinema: Alena Williams investigates the relationship of light and moving images from an early moment in the history of film to that of the present day. She assumes that contemporary artists like Jan Hammer, Jutta Koether, Andreas Wutz, Die Tödliche Doris, and Matthias Müller return to a 1920s-style engagement with cinema.
The study TOURISM | DISPERSION | CAMOUFLAGE, by the Chilean architect Luciano Basauri and the Croatian designer Dafne Berc, deals with mass tourism as a continually expanding industry and societal phenomenon, whose negative side effects allow a rift to form between tourists and the residents of destination countries. Here, the authors are less concerned with the present condition than to present new ways of reading the dis-course on tourism’s developments, and to reveal new solution strategies.
The Light House
2009 - October 2009
In his comic book The Light House, the Indonesian artist and designer Popok Tri Wahyudi both plumbs the nature of a collective work process among artists, and creates a visual study of communication in an artistic think tank.
Mediating Space
soft geometries – textile structures – body architecture
2009 - October 2009
With her projects, Gabi Schillig has developed a language and a system that renews our thinking about the interaction between body, space and movement in a refreshing way. Whether in the urban context, within existing spaces or outdoors, Schillig develops felt objects that can simultaneously be garments, living space and communications devices.
Taking the Figure of the Extra in Cinema Production as a Metaphor
EXTRA WORK is an invitation to a journey into the hyper-real world of moving images where no familiar thing should be taken for granted. It can be seen as a meditation and critical analysis on the language of cinema and its influences on contemporary culture. The publication gathers four art projects (photographs, graphics and video works) by Krassimir Terziev that elaborate on specific procedures of film production.
Sometimes I Whisper In The Wind Until I Hear You
In her catalog Sometimes I Whisper In The Wind Until I Hear You – Chinese Kites, Japanese Ghosts and Other Flying Devices, Ingrid Hora presents the results of her artistic experiments with rituals that connect people to the sky, in which she tells stories of loneliness, the need to hide and the desire to reach out. The artist has produced elegant and functional objects, that are not necessarily airborne, but that intensify dreams of flying.
Yearbook 9
Von etwas, das nie aufhört (Of something that never stops)
2008 - July 2008
The new yearbook came out just in time for the summer festival. »Von etwas das nie aufhört« [Of something that never stops] documents the past two years’ activities with contributions from fellows in photos, reports and images. The book was designed in Buenos Aires and produced on the hand press in the Eloísa Cartonera’s print workshop, where each copy was individually painted and bound.
City + War. A trip to Sarajevo
2008 - December 2008
Under the title City + War, Annett Zinsmeister assembles a wide range of photographs, drawings and essays. Since the beginning of human history, dwellings and cities served to protect citizens and deter enemies. In light of the increasing threat that wars, attacks and catastrophes represent to our cities, however, the fundamental question remains whether major urban centers in the 20th and 21st centuries can offer their residents adequate protection and security.
Illuminationen (Illuminations)
22. November 2007
»Illuminationen« depicts current works by Mamak Azarmgin, situated in the long tradition of Iranian illumination (tazhib).
March 2007
»Storyboard« is part of a larger collection of approximately 500 drawings that Alexander Schellow has been creating since 2001. Each image is drawn from memory with a felt marker on transparent paper. They are reconstructions of urban situations that largely originate from various European cities.
Team Up
January 2007
Instrumental music of the trio Jeremy Drake (guitar), Michael Vorfeld (percussion, string instrument) and Chris Heenan (alto saxophone, contrabass clarinet) can be experienced on the CD »Team Up«.
Widerstand (Resistance)
January 2007
The duo Chris Heenan (analog synthesizer) and Michael Vorfeld (lightbulbs) is a new project by the two artists where they generate electric and acoustic sounds. After numerous live performances in Germany their audio-visual work can now be experienced on the CD Widerstand.
January 2007

4LINES documents an ongoing investigation on virtuality, matter and representation in architecture. It includes material from the installation „True Romance“ by Carla Leitao, other projects by a|Um Studio, and essays by Yehuda Safran and Ed Keller (co-founder of a|Um Studio).

Institut für Allgemeine Theorie – Institute of General Theory
The Institute for General Theory – founded by Hagen Betzwieser – sees itself as a laboratory for all kinds of experiments in thought. It deals with the most varied phenomena, exploring, questioning and translating them into an artistic vocabulary in objects, photographs, installations and videos. The volume collects numerous works of the Institute for General Theory from 2001 – 2007.
Hallo, ich bin tragbar (Hello, I’m Portable)
The catalog and DVD cover Stebler’s works from 1999 to 2007, among them jewelry, drawings, photos, videos, texts and sketches. With texts by Akademie director Jean-Baptiste Joly; professor of philosophy at the University of Paris X Nanterre Catherine Perret; jewelry artist Johanna Dahm, Zurich; Fiona Raby, partner at Dunne & Raby and tutor at the Royal College of Art, London and Berlin-based jewelry designer Wolli Lieglein.
Woher kommen die wilden Hühner? (Where do the wild chickens come from?)
Showing girls in search of their own identity – in one of their familiar environments, a protected room – is the focus of Susanne M. Winterling’s photographic work. For several weeks, she followed female pupils during supervised homework sessions in Gerlingen’s Pestalozzi Elementary School and captured, in sensitive portraiture, the work atmosphere and the interaction among the young girls.
Electronic sounds that develop in a slow and yet vibrant manner function as a dynamic frame for active listening and a frame for silence as a spiritual mirror of the now and the self. Perhaps this CD could be titled »Silence« too.
Dream of Bucharest
Inspired by the situation in Bucharest with an ever growing number of cars, but also by the shape of Dacia 1300, the Romanian national car, Nanca has recently been drawing a childlike car contours all over the city of Bucharest.
Stadtspiele – Urban Games
There is currently no English version available.