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10. October 2006
15 EUR
The poetry audio book is only available at Edition Korrespondenzen, Vienna.
Parallel to the publication of the new poetry collection brinnen by Anja Utler, which appears in fall 2006 in the Edition Korrespondenzen, the Akademie Schloss Solitude publishes a very special poetry audio book under the same title: Anja Utler recites her poems herself, liberating the printed word from its paper prison. The German cultural press celebrated Utler’s münden- entzüngeln, 2004, published in Vienna, as a “perfect poetic debut”: the Süddeutsche Zeitung cited it as a work “where articulate speaking is applied on the one hand, and the fundamental individual words are settled, on the other.” In the audio poetry book brinnen, these words are now spoken, so that the “transformation of breath into voice” (FAZ) can be experienced aurally.

In reading, Utler makes way for her path like a traveling researcher between archipegalos, deciding with each new section for one or the other new direction and investigating the unending paradigmatic associations of her own lyricism. Among many other possibilities, she offers, with two recordings of her texts, two different ways of reading – or maps of reading – and invites the listener to participate in her lyrical journey of exploration.

“Experience is not one,” writes Utler on this audio book: “The occurrences fan out and chafe into a sensory experience via touch, hearing, seeing; they pull nets, not a line, into memory. Sparks fly from the encounter of world and body: pairs of words, verses, chains of sentences each throw their own light over the stream of experiences, allow a moving relief to rise up and sink away, beam back and are swallowed. In the attempt to grasp and to ban what is sensed, the persona hides and opens in the text fragments, from the jumps between fade-outs and imploring comes a corresponding position: this is what “brinnt”, it feeds from its own flickering and extinguishing game of dark and light. There is not one way there from the wealth of perception: the CD brinnen leads in an exemplary fashion through the same-named, multilinear text collection on two text routes”.

Anja Utler, born in 1973, lives as a poet in Vienna. Her poetry collection münden – entzüngeln was published in the Edition Korrespondenzen in 2004, the poetry collection brinnen appears in fall 2006 in the Edition Korrespondenzen. Her works have won prizes including the Leonce-und-Lena Prize 2003, the Horst-Bienek Emerging Artist Prize 2005 and the Vienna Emerging Artist Prize for Literature 2005. She received a Solitude fellowship in 2005/6.