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CD: Digital Design 2000+
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“Digital Design 2000+ The Future of Interactivity and Interface Design in Training and Practice, CD-ROM.” In the symposium “Digital Design 2000+”, 18 leading European and American specialists from various theoretical and practical disciplines were brought together on December 3, 1998 by Prof. Dr. Dr. Mihai Madin. The discussion was carried out exclusively on the Internet. During this three-hour international multimedia meeting, panelists could express and discuss their ideas, visions and newest developments for the future of interactivity and interface design. During his residence at the Akademie, Torsten Stapelkamp completed documentation of the symposium, a project he began under the auspices of his activities as a scientific employee at Computational Design.

The documentational CD-ROM is a unique, interactive source of information, research and reference material on the current topics of interactive design, interface design, screen design and 3-D visualization, both in education and in practice.

Torsten Stapelkamp lives in Cologne as a freelance designer. He was a resident at the Akademie in 1999.