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Dream of Bucharest
Visual Arts
German, English, Romanian
24 pages
Paperback, 15 x 15 cm, numerous colored illustrations,
with a text by Jean-Baptiste Joly
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»Dream of a city where cars can fly; where cars are more important than anything else ... Cars are on the street, on the pavements, in the gardens, everywhere. A million cars is a sign of prosperity ... life is not so bad. Dream of Bucharest.«

Inspired by the situation in Bucharest with an ever growing number of cars, but also by the shape of Dacia 1300, the Romanian national car, Nanca has recently been drawing a childlike car contours all over the city of Bucharest. Nanca has used the graffiti technique as an attempt to raise attention to the unhealthy situation of the great number of automobiles as well as criticizing the growing consumerist attitude in his home town. His street car drawings are now developed into a more complex installation - the twelve car sculptures imitate the everday scenario in Bucharest with blocked pavements making pedestrian traffic difficult. Though »Dream of Bucharest« is not the story of a nightmare but an artist’s gaze at the state of affairs. The drawings, photographs and the videos waiting to be discovered on the back of the cars are all inspired by the condition in Bucharest but also in other cities and situations.

Vlad Nanca (*1979 in Bucharest) studied photography and video at the University of Art in Bucharest. His works were shown in numerous European cities, including Oxford, Bucharest, Belgrade, Luxembourg, Brno and in Stuttgart at the exhibition »On Difference #1«. (Württembergischer Kunstverein). Nanca was an Akademie fellow in 2006 under the auspices of the Romanian Exchange Program in the Galeria Noua in Bucharest.