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Future Pleasures
Visual Arts
156 pages
14 EUR

with numerous colored illustrations

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In the artist book Future Pleasures, the Korean artist Eunjung Hwang depicts numerous of her scintillating characters, bursting with energy. They are the basis of countless animations and media works which first have their beginning in the dreams of the artist who then draws them and finally animates them through movement and voice. The Polish writer Katarzyna Sowula describes Hwang's characters as bizarre hybrids who instinctively enter spaces which are incompatible with the laws of perspective and spatial depth. They are only happy when they mate and are allowed to be naughty. Even though the colourful drawings don't seem to follow a red line or narration, Hwang provides it. By dividing the book into fourteen image chapters, she forces the viewer to develop his/her own narration by free association. 

Born and raised in Seoul/South Korea, Eunjung Hwang lives and works in New York/USA. She received her MFA in Computer Arts at the School of Visual Arts, New York. She has had her animations and character-based art works featured and awarded at the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen (Germany), Transmediale (Germany), and The Drawing Center (USA), among others. She was a Solitude fellow in 2008/2009.