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Hallo, ich bin tragbar (Hello, I’m Portable)
German, English
48 pages
15 EUR

Bound paperback, with color plates and DVD, Format: 25 x 14 cm
With writings by Jean-Baptiste Joly, Catherine Perret, Johanna Dahm, Fiona Raby, Wolli Lieglein

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Trained as a jewelry designer, Claudia Stebler investigates individual strategies of transferring information and sees herself as a »communications designer on a constant mission«. Or, as Catherine Perret writes: »She is unbelievably talented in giving life a kind of surrealistic immediacy and shows a deep intuition for things and people«. For example, Stebler objectifies every otherwise ephemeral space of affective human relationships in that she sets up a double mirror with cut-out eyes as an »interface« between two people looking each other in the eye. Or she transcribes a mobile phone’s text message on silver ribbons ¬– a contemporary form of communication that functions between the written and the spoken gives the old German saying »talk is silver« (»silence is golden«) a new physical dimension and simultaneously refers to the mute princess with the red wig who flees into the woods. With »Let us Meld/t« the artist plays with the weighty act of engagement and marriage with an engagement/wedding rings set. Here the engagement rings are encased in gold and are melted into wedding rings. With spoon lips in porcelain, she creates an mnemonic device for lovers with which they can return to their past relationships.

The catalog and DVD cover Stebler’s works from 1999 to 2007, among them jewelry, drawings, photos, videos, texts and sketches. With texts by Akademie director Jean-Baptiste Joly; professor of philosophy at the University of Paris X Nanterre Catherine Perret; jewelry artist Johanna Dahm, Zurich; Fiona Raby, partner at Dunne & Raby and tutor at the Royal College of Art, London and Berlin-based jewelry designer Wolli Lieglein.

Claudia Stebler, born in 1970 in Basel, Switzerland and a 2006 Solitude fellow, expanded her scope at the Hochschule in Pforzheim after a classical apprenticeship as a goldsmith. Stebler’s work now connects jewelry design and video and she is currently working on launching her own jewelry collection.