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VJ Software, CD-Rom (for MAC Classic, MAC OSX, Windows PC), Essay by Anne-Marie Schleiner, With the support of Fundación 30 km/h, Barcelona
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In the Dada/hip-hop lyric machine Heaven711, Anne-Marie Schleiner moves in what was until now primarily male terrain. The subversive web artist already made a name for herself with program interventions (Velvet Strike) in the Counterstrike game and now takes hip-hop into the game with Heaven 711. Anne-Marie Schleiner’s artistic alter-ego Parangari Cuturi created the project – categorized between DJ software and a computer game – in cooperation with Elke Marhöfer and Carolina Caycedo, who contributed hip-hop texts, rhymes and beats. Players of the Heaven 711 program can re-rhyme lyrics, change structures, “scratch” and remix as they wish. Players may also choose to abandon the structure of the game point system entirely, and play the game sounds and corresponding visual patterns, (mathematical wave algorithms), as pure DJ/VJ software in a “retro-test picture look.”

Presented for the first time as a live performance in an exhibition in summer 2003 at Solitude, Heaven711 is now available as a computer game and VJ software – also for live performances!

Anne-Marie Schleiner (, born in 1970 in Providence, Rhode Island, USA, studied at the University of Michoacan (Mexico), the University of Kiel, the University of California, Santa Cruz and the State University of California, San Jose (MFA). In 2001, she was a lecturer in the Department of Visual Art, University of California, Irvine and has been a lecturer at the University of Colorado, Boulder, since 2003. She was a fellow at the Akademie Schloss Solitude in 2003.