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Hultsbruk Ready-Maids
12 pages

Book with 12 color postcards, paper bound, Format: 10.5 x 14.8 cm
Copublisher: Marmalade Publishers of Visual Theory, London

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Sara Preibsch's photographs are an oblique record of a collection of 1950's German magazine covers which she discovered stuck to a wall in the house where her Austrian / German grandparents lived after they emigrated to Sweden in the late 1940's. By cropping and looking awry Preibsch attempts to intervene in the reproduction of social meaning, to look again and to somehow find a current meaning in these seemingly uncritical images. Through her violent appropriation (both eyes and halves of heads are being discarded) of these magazine covers, Preibsch assigns herself the right to reinterpret and therefore ultimately to negate the hegemonic language employed by the mainstream media.

Preibsch’s disquieting compositions are assisted by the deterioration of the special post-war archive from which they originate. Where there is decay and ferment there is a restless movement, a continuous displacement which resembles the act of remembering and which inevitably devastates the patriarchic function of the archive itself.

To further explore the potentiality of new meaning, the artist has invited 12 authors to respond to one of her individual images in the form of a text. These reactions are published on the back of the corresponding image within the postcard book. The texts, photographs and format of the book invite us to take part in the discovery of new content given through the recycling of the images and their new arrangements. What finally constitutes this work is an array of encounters and meanings, a circular movement which is far from being completed – ranging from the cover of a magazine to a photograph to a commented postcard.

Sara Preibsch, born 1973 in Stockholm/Sweden, studied fine art at the University of East London between 1998-2001. In 2003, she completed a Master in cultural studies at Goldsmith's College, London. She currently lives and works in London. Sara Preibsch was a fellow at the Akademie in 2005.