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Illuminationen (Illuminations)
22. November 2007
Visual Arts
German, English
47 pages
10 EUR

With numerous color illustrations, paperback, format: 15.5 x 21 cm

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»Illuminationen« depicts current works by Mamak Azarmgin, situated in the long tradition of Iranian illumination (tazhib).

The art of illumination has been employed in every era to gild and decorate the most varied religions’ holy scriptures. While good examples of this are the Bible and the Torah, the art’s apex is arguably the miniature Korans in Iran, where illumination developed into its own artistic discipline. In its representation, illumination follows a unifying multiplicity - so the whole is represented in detail, and detail in the whole. Occidental artists thus attempt to precipitate development and perfection.

Mamak Azarmgin (*1968 in Teheran/Iran) studied design, painting and photography in Teheran. She worked for 12 years in the field of book illustration and as a freelance illustrator and painter. Her artistic career began in 1989; numerous exhibitions in Iran, Sweden and Germany followed. Azarmgin is a 2007 Akademie fellow.