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In Between
2011 - October 2011
Visual Arts
186 pages
19 EUR

with numerous color images

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The artist book IN BETWEEN of the Portuguese video artist José Carlos Teixeira was realised on the basis of the video work Between Clarity and Fog from 2009. The book documents Teixeira's trip along the inner German border, searching for the built as well as for the immaterial heritage of the former border.
As a Portuguese national and outsider coming from Europe’s westernmost point, he wanted to investigate and explore the consequences of the German reunification. He met people living on both sides of the border that separated Eastern from Western Germany, carried on conversations with them, and filmed the lovely landscapes that were witnesses to this European division.

The story he tells in his film, however, is a different one from what we usually hear about the former Iron Curtain. Not because the people he interviewed had something different to say, but because he looks at them with a new curiosity.

The publication includes essays by Carolina Rito on Between Clarity and Fog and by Lillian Fellman on Being Other, a project Teixeira realised for the Kaunas Biennial in 2009.

José Carlos Teixeira, is an artist and video-maker born in 1977 in Porto, Portugal. His interdisciplinary work is focused on video, installation, and performance; it deals with notions of identity, otherness, boundaries, exile, and displacement. Collaboration and participation are key elements in his approach. His work has been shown in exhibitions and screenings both in Europe (Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Scotland, Sweden, Russia, and Lithuania) and in the USA (New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Atlanta, Detroit, etc.) as well as in Singapore, Brazil, Chile, Mozambique, Angola, and Cape Verde.