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Yearbook 6
ich habe das schloss – für eine ganz bestimmte, begrenzte zeit (I have the "schloss" – for a specific, limited period of time)
200 pages
18 EUR
Yearbook 2000/2001. Book case, spiral binding, with CD
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Naming the residency condition in the title, introduces the yearbook into the life of the Aka-demie and - at the same takes it time out into the world: with contributions by fellows and guests of the year 2000 and 2001. The images, texts and even a music CD are about the time of residency at the Akademie or about what came out of it: world views and blueprints of the world. A mnifold book with facettes that can contribute to an understanding of the world wi-thout reducing the viewer's pleasure in perusing the book's pages.

Produced by the interdisciplinary artist group SKART (Djordje Balmazovic and Dragan Protic – Belgrad) and the designer Marcin Wladyka (Warsaw), this yearbook – as an artist's book with spiral binding and book card - will be completely different than all the others. Everyone – including the publishers! – look forward to see this surprising book.