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Klopfzeichen. Leuchtfeuer. Rauchsignale. (Knocks. Beacons. Smoke Signals.)
July 2006
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The characters in Klopfzeichen. Leuchtfeuer. Rauchsignale. (Knocks, beacons, smoke signals) search for a way out of their speechlessness with signs, words and signals. It is about moments in which we cannot go any further with the speech-based means we have a command over. It is about signals like the fire of a lighthouse, in which the only desired answer is that nothing happens – that the ship finds its way through the cliffs unharmed. But what can words that have been uttered once, signals that have been transmitted once, give rise to?

By a hair/I would have pushed a troop of skydivers/from my mouth
But the commands were/contradictory/and the parachutes/would have certainly not opened/at the right time./You can never be sure…

After the much-lauded premiere of the text Klopfzeichen. Leuchtfeuer. Rauchsignale. (Knocks, beacons, smoke signals) in December 2003 at the Akademie Schloss Solitude, this audio piece was recorded a year and a half later with the same cast. In connection with music especially composed for the project, the recording plumbs the text’s depth with the necessary levity and skillfully inserted details. The listener follows the characters to where they send their signals – whether as calls to the wind on the top of a skyscraper or as a bomb in the center of power.

In addition to the audio piece (with Katja Bürkle and Michael Stiller, director: Marcel Keller, music: Brigitte Angerhausen, Anne Kaftan, realization and sound design: Brigitte Angerhause), this CD also contains two musical piece Valse and Klopfzeichen by Brigitte Angerhausen and Anne Kaftan. The duration of the audio piece is 27 minutes, the entire duration 36 minutes.

Klaus Fehling ( lives and work as an author, journalist and dramaturg in Cologne. In addition to theater pieces, he writes, among other things, books and essays on artificial intelligence, free theater, Korean miners and many other things. In 2004, he received a fellowship from the Stuttgart Economic Club in the literature house for the completion of a book on Swabian entrepreneurs. Fehling was a fellow at the Akademie Schloss Solitude in 2002/2003.