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L’année dernière à Solitude (Last Year At Solitude)
November 2006
English, Serbocroatian
71 pages
Format: 10.7 x 17.5 cm
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This two-part performance project, by three Belgrade theater creators, emerged at the beginning of 2006: Referring to the Renais film L’année dernière à Marienbad, L’ánnee dernière à Solitude summarized the past year at Solitude. Various strategies, techniques and the glamour of the Resnais film were the points of departure for the experiment, which the artists realized in two phases: the spatial installation Traces, with visual quotes and material traces from the film, and Couloirs as a performance, which takes up the dramaturgical discourse of the film. With their project, the theatrical artists thematize the deceptive, unstable, intangible nature of memory and meaning of artistic work as well as take up a political discussion on what is parasitic in film. The project was simultaneously an intimate puzzle on the emotional dimensions of Solitude. After a year of absence, the theatrical artists didn’t recognize each other. Were they here last year, or in Marienbad, or somewhere entirely different? Or did they simply remain themselves?

This book illustrates the research and preparation for the project. L’ánnee dernière à Solitude contains the storyboard composed of pastiche writings in the style of a Robbe-Grillets film script/novella, reviews and controversies of the past 40 years on the film L’ année dernière à Marienbad as well as a deconstruction of the film script.

Bojan Djordjev (born in 1977 in Belgrade), Sena Djorovic (born in 1977 in Kursumilia) and Sinisa Ilic (born in 1977 in Belgrade) have worked together in a loose theater group since 1998, with productions in locations like Piran/Slovenia, Ghent, Belgrade, Vienna, Lyon und Stuttgart. They received a fellowship at the Akademie Schloss Solitude in 2004/2005.