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Über die Äolsharfe
64 pages
48 EUR
Paperback, 18,5 x 30 cm. With CD. Fully illustrated.
Edition Solitude/édition totale éclipse
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How does the Aeolian harp sound? Nathalie Wolff and Matthias Bumiller answer this question in a large-format, extraordinarily designed book. Material on the wind harp, collected over years from literature (from the Bible to an original essay by Walter Gröner), music (from Johannes Brahms to Hans Werner Henze) and the visual arts (from William Turner to the authors of the book), was decorated with remarks and comments to create this amusing compendium on the phenomenology of the Aeolian harp. The book’s script and typography reflect the rhythm and the movement of the language.

The pages become images that allow the sound of the harp to be heard. Accompanying the book is a CD with wind harp sounds as well as other examples of music interpreted by Györgyi Dombrádi and Lambert Bumiller.