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Mediating Space
soft geometries – textile structures – body architecture
2009 - October 2009
206 pages
20 EUR
With essays by Jean-Baptiste Joly, Johan Bettum, Jessica Blaustein, Susanne Hauser, Sarah Scatturo, Adi Shamir, Peter Cook and others.
Flex cover, numerous illustrations and DVD
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With her projects, Gabi Schillig has developed a language and a system that renews our thinking about the interaction between body, space and movement in a refreshing way. Whether in the urban context, within existing spaces or outdoors, Schillig develops felt objects that can simultaneously be garments, living space and communications devices. According to Schillig, the actual activity of the architect is materially determined. It cannot be limited to the production of space generated in a computer that no longer takes the sensual and social physicality of architecture into consideration. The works collected in this book are divided into three categories: RESEARCH, PROJECTS, and TEACHING. They contain the documentation of research results and case studies as well as the results of work with students.

Gabi Schillig, born in 1977 in Coburg, was a Solitude fellow in 2007/2008. She studied architecture and completed postgraduate studies for conceptual design. She has been a guest critic at numerous international university-level institutions and has taught at the University of Arts Berlin since 2007.