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German, Serbocroatian
8.9 EUR
ISBN 3-929085-72-0

Artist book. Box with a collection of cards. Numerous pictures in color and black/white.
Out of print!

Where can you find something like that - a book, which at the same time reports on moaning-sex (Stöhnisex) and carps, grave-stone lights by the Ölberg company and family drinking? A book, which neither founders on philosophical flights of fancy nor on lyrical explorations of the sea level, but - with the moon in view - develops a fine-tuning in image and text, which masters all of these things? Such a book exists, created by Michael Stauffer (texts), Dörte Meyer (images) and the artists group SKART from Belgrade. Together with Dörte Meyer (Berlin), Stauffer, as a good Swiss with good Dada-roots, combines texts and images in such a manner that the aesthetic soundings become effective aesthetic solutions - with additional semantic hardcore effects. That is how today's book art can be!