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New Conventions of Behavior
January 2005
Music / Sound
Non-commercial CD. Produced with the support of the Akademie Schloss Solitude.
Available for 5 Euro for postage and processing.
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New Music provides soundscapes that surpass other genres by far in variation, density and timbre. This abundance of new timbres and gestures requires the listener to actively build an individual framework for the understanding of sounds.

Kristjan Varnik developed his CD project »New Conventions of Behavior« based in the radically different methods each composer or musician has in understanding music. He presents new works by current Solitude composers based on their sound concepts as well as biographical material. The compilation gives a unique audio impression of the last two years at Solitude. In the second part of the CD, Kristjan Varnik collected numerous sound samples from the archive of Solitude fellows. Functioning as a sound library, these new music samples are made available to the larger audience.

Kristjan Varnik, born 1978 in Boston, studied computer science at New York University. Mainly he works as a software developer and mentor for high school students. Since 1995 he has experimented with and produced electronic / computer music. At Solitude, Kristjan Varnik was involved in the development of Max Neuhaus’ Auracle Project.