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Neue Freunde 2 – Zum aktuellen Stand von »art, science & business«
Papieroperationen – Der Schnitt in die Zeitung
120 pages
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The collection culled from Solitude’s »Paper Operations. The Cut in the Newspaper« event observes the »newspaper clipping« from the artistic, scientific and economic perspectives. The printed pieces of paper’s historical and contemporary applications are also researched and the question is examined: When does a newspaper clipping become knowledge, art or money?

Peter Piller treats the clipping as an image source that can be reproduced a thousand times and that possesses its own design laws. From the economic viewpoint, Helmut Leveknecht and Emi Bollweber dedicate themselves to the newspaper clipping’s relevance and future as an information provider. Gisela Steinlechner deals with the meaning of newspaper print and paper manipulation in the activities of psychiatry patients. Anke te Heesen and Juliane Vogel research the clipping’s use in a man of letters and a physicist in the 1920s. Thoma Hettche confronts the phenomena of collecting and its forms of treatment. In conclusion, Cornelia Visman gives a commentary synopsis from the perspective of media history.

Anke te Heesen, a research associate at the Max-Planck-Institute for Scientific History, Berlin, worked on a book on newspaper clipping culture from 1870 to 1930 during her Solitude fellowship in 2003. Recent published projects include cut and paste um 1900. Der Zeitungsausschnitt in den Wissenschaften (Cut and Paste around 1900. The Newspaper Clipping in the Sciences), Berlin 2002, also an exhibition catalog) and Berlin. Wilhelmstraße 44 (Cologne 2003), on which te Heesen acted as a co-publisher.