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Solitude Quotidien/Alltäglich
May 2010
German, English, French
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»Roselyne Titaud's photographs have no human beings, but their performances and their actions are so strongly present that their absence-presence is literally surreal. So once the image has done its job of presenting the "sweet-home" it sets forth to understand the "interior", the very-defined enclosed and contained frame of the "inside". As much as her photographs of the beds in the studios of Akademie Schloss Solitude indicate the immediate-ness of an absence, her earlier images are capturing the time between the performance and the waiting - the performance of "home-making" and the waiting of a "user". However the images of the crumpled yet silent bed, the folded yet anxious cover-sheet of the bed as well as the vase in the corner, or the lace centre-piece on the dining table seem calm and composed, as if their purpose was to be in that in-between space, now they are at peace, not being used, but performing the memories, anxieties, and reminiscences of a constructed life-space.« Kaiwan Mehta