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Solitude au musée / Solitude im Museum (Solitude at the museum)
Eine Akademie zu Gast in der Staatsgalerie Stuttgart (An Academy has been invited to the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart)
Visual Arts
German, English, French
208 pages
24 EUR
Catalogue, 90 pages of images, German, French and English.
Ten years after its foundation, Akademie Schloss Solitude, the internationally renowned and valued experimental laboratory for artists in all fields and branches, presents an exhibition of works by former fellows in the museum setting of the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart and the Musée d’Art Moderne in Saint-Etienne. Four curators from both museums (Gudrun Inboden, Ulrike Gauss in Stuttgart and Martine Dancer, Jacques Beauffet in Saint-Etienne) selected sixteen artists and the Italian architecture group A12 from a large pool of former fellows. Participating artists are, among others: François Joseph Chabrillat (Clement-Ferrand), Serge Comte (Reykjavík/Paris), gruppo A12 (Milan), Nicolás Fernández (Berlin/Geneva), Teresa Hubbard (Basel/Austin) / Alexander Birchler (Basel/Austin), Ute Friederike Jürss (Lübeck), Betsy Kaufman (NYC), Dominique Lämmli (Berlin), Simon Lamunière (Geneva), Christine Meierhofer (Berlin), Pavel Pepperstein (Tel Aviv/Moscow), Philip Pocock (Karlsruhe), Karin Sander (Stuttgart), Gordon Shrigley (London), Wiebke Siem (Berlin) and Stephen Waddell (Berlin/Vancouver).

The catalog documents a variety of works, some created during their residency at Solitude, others specifically for this exhibition. Representative for the multitude of activities, themes and discourses characteristic for the Akademie, the objects encompass almost all contemporary media and techniques used today. The paintings, drawings, videos and web-based art as well as installations and a project by an architecture group give a concentrated insight into current artistic practice and discourse. The differences of the institutions is a central aspect to the exhibition. They stimulate a dialog and at the same time a confrontation of the artists with both sites — on one hand the residency program where artists can work experimentally outside the urban context and on the other hand, the museum which can look back on a long history of collecting and organizing exhibitions.