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The Light House
2009 - October 2009
128 pages
14 EUR
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In his comic book The Light House, the Indonesian artist and designer Popok Tri Wahyudi both plumbs the nature of a collective work process among artists, and creates a visual study of communication in an artistic think tank.

The project first emerged from the author’s desire to collaborate with other artists of various ethnic and disciplinary backgrounds. The group work was meant to deliver all kinds of inspirations and surprises. In a kind of creative torch relay, the individual artists would work on the project, then pass their results to the next participant, who would then take them up, expand them and in turn pass them on again. The end result would be one coming from multiple perspectives.

But the creative torch flickered and burned out. Wahyudi had to recognize that a common vision was missing in his multicultural-artist thought factory. Did the participants’ various linguistic, cultural and disciplinary backgrounds hinder productive artistic cooperation? If anything, did the initiator himself erroneously guide the project?

Based on these questions, Wahyudi developed Light House, a meta-artistic comic on communication and interaction in the creative process. It investigates the essence of interdisciplinary collaboration and searches for reasons for its success or failure with wit and humor.

Popok Tri Wahyudi, born in 1973 in Mojokerto, East Java, Indonesia and a Solitude fellow in 2007, works as a freelance artist and designer. His works have been on view in numerous international exhibitions.