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The study TOURISM | DISPERSION | CAMOUFLAGE, by the Chilean architect Luciano Basauri and the Croatian designer Dafne Berc, deals with mass tourism as a continually expanding industry and societal phenomenon, whose negative side effects allow a rift to form between tourists and the residents of destination countries. Here, the authors are less concerned with the present condition than to present new ways of reading the dis-course on tourism’s developments, and to reveal new solution strategies. 

Basauri and Berc preface their study with a double understanding of tourism as a productive landscape that emerges from an architectural perspective. At first, tourism means a continuing expansion of tourist activities to the detriment of natural resources. At the same time, tourism also inherently includes the failure to create a coherent milieu for all actors. It often comes to shifts and divergences between the local identities, visitors’ expectations and the programmatic construct that creates these expectations. 

Basaur and Berc offer a starting point in solving these conflict lines: a landscape that can retrieve an individual identity with the help of »camouflage«. For this strategy to work, the division between natural and artificial has to be lifted within the concept of the landscape. Landscape design, in turn, has to be recognized as an architectural process that can return a destroyed identity to territories. 

On the basis of a series of real success models of such a landscape concept, the authors describe how new, mutually beneficial relationships between tourism and the affected territories can emerge through “camouflage” techniques that lend identity. 

Luciano Basauri, born in 1972 in Santiago/ Chile and a Solitude fellow in 2006/2007, works as a designer and architect for offices in Croatia, the Netherlands and Chile. He was a junior professor in the architecture department of the Universidad Central de Chile in Santiago.

Born in 1970 in Zagreb/ Croatia, and a Solitude fellow in 2006/2007, Dafne Berc is a doctoral candidate at the Polytechnical University of Catalonia in Barcelona. She works for architecture and design offices in Zagreb, Amsterdam and New York.

Luciano Basauri and Dafne Berc have worked together since 2001. Both have been distinguished many times for their works. They are founding members of the international architectural network »ANALOG«.