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Was sind deine Reste
60 pages
25 EUR
Artist book, numerous b&w illustrations.
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“Sandra Boeschenstein draws finely and precisely, places the drawings carefully and exactly beside the copy and conveys, at first look, the illusion that the work is about clearly understandable user manuals or visual research protocols, that one should follow step by step to get to a clear result. On second and third looks, the eyes search the pages on which the delicate drawings and words seem to float for meaning and connection; they read along the dotted lines and letters, recognizing some, understanding others, but ultimately announce to the brain that some things remain very surprising, mysterious and irritating.” Nadine Olonetzky

Sandra Boeschenstein’s drawings invite one to explore inner journeys. The works each show a possible sightline of our thought processes with a pinch of precision, humor and confusion. The art book appears in conjunction with her exhibition at Solitude in November 2004, designed in collaboration with Nathalie Wolff.

Sandra Boeschenstein, born in 1967 in Zürich, studied philosophy and art in Zürich and Bern. She primarily works with drawings and language. Her works have been distinguished several times from the Canton of Zürich and purchased by collections of the Canton of Zürich, the Aargauer Kunsthaus Aarau, the Museum zur Allerheiligen, Schaffhausen, and the Bank Julius Bär, among others.

“A question that asks itself with ponderous simplicity and searches for unprepared answers.” Sandra Boeschenstein

Boeschenstein was a fellow at the Akademie in 2003/2004