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Winter Garden/Jardín de invierno
English, Spanish
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Postcard book
Format: 18.5 x 13.5 cm
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Carlos Naverette concerns himself with the perception of reality and the complexity of organizational systems. He deals with the continuity of the world and impossibility of seeing reality as a complete entity at the same time as perceiving it in parts. In his picture collages, in which there is no left or right, top or bottom, the levels of information and aesthetics, abstraction and representation cross and overlap. Whether taken from everyday life, political events or from the art world, photos abstracted to their fundamental colors through their proximity to rectangular color patterns meld into a system of line that elevates their logic.

“How do we organize ourselves in this world in which we may live temporarily?” asks Navarrete, the traveling artist who buys newspapers in Rome, Germany and Chile on the same day and reads the same news on a plane crash in different languages. How do we deal with perceiving and processing the constant catastrophic conditions of the world in our heads? Why do we still yearn for the sensual and the aesthetic? This question is in the center of Navarrete’s simultaneously poetic and political work.

The postcard book is Navarrete’s visual diary on his work at Solitude in the winter of 2004. Intended to be a visual trip for the reader, the individual cards can be folded out and sent.

Carlos Navarrete, born in 1968, lives as an artist in Santiago, Chile. He has exhibited in places like the Museum for Contemporary Art, Valdivia, Chile, in the National Museum of Fine Arts, Santiago, in the M100 Center, Santiago, in the Museum of Contemporary Art, Bahía Blanca, Argentina; in the Open Studios Center for Contemporary Art, Kitakysushu, Japan and in the Kulturraum Düsseldorf. Navarrete was a Solitude fellow in 2003/2004.