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Yearbook 12
Because of Solitude
2014 - July 2014
German, English
416 pages
21 EUR

with 20 inserts

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The years 2012 and 2013, the time frame covered by this yearbook, bear witness to the institution’s liveliness, especially to its fellows’ diversity and imagination. Their contributions, each presented on a double page, are arranged in alphabetical order. As usual, the individual contributions are completed with pure facts, with lists of all events, publications, and employees that have shaped the Akademie’s activities in the past two years. Former fellows’ ideas, greetings, wishes, and signs of life provide little surprises – in addition to current press reports, these snippets are distributed as small notes throughout the whole book and correspond to the micro-events that punctuate and enrich everyday life at Solitude and make this place so unique and valuable.  And a simple answer to the often-repeated questions as to why whatever concerts, readings, exhibitions, performances, or publications were initiated and realized, why so many collective projects with whatever artists came to pass, is evident in this yearbook’s title: Because of Solitude...

(From the preface of Jean-Baptiste Joly)