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Work Spaces in Art, Science & Business
October 2006
art, science & business
146 pages
Approx. 25 illustrations
Format: 13.8 x 22.4 cm
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In the fall of 2005, the Akademie Schloss Solitude invited visitors and speakers to the international symposium “Work Spaces in Art, Science and Business“ under the auspices of the art, science and business program. In cooperation with the ICN Business School in Nancy, France, and its director Thomas Froehlicher, the Akademie Schloss Solitude now publishes the results of the event, which was initiated by Dominique Billier, in a comprehensive English-language volume.

The understanding of workspaces in the arts, sciences and business has experienced a fundamental shift in the past decades, especially in the past ten years. This can be traced, above all, to the major advances and further developments in the areas of new technologies. Since the 1990s, the workplace is no longer necessarily a “physical space” but is increasingly developing into a virtual space in which the boundaries between art, science and business seemingly dissolve.

The volume dedicates itself to the question of how today’s artists, managers and scientists can think out and design their workspaces. Under which criteria do they proceed? How do the respective objectives and work methods influence the work environment, or what influence does the space have on the work practice?

Contributors include Dominique Billier, sociologist Nancy; Paul Devautour, artist, Bourges; Jean-Marie Dubois, physicist, Nancy; Anastasia Filippoupoliti, scientific historian, Athens; Dirk Heitmann, IBM Global Services Deutschland, Hamburg; Benjamin Joly, jurist, Paris; Olivier Menanteau, artist Paris/Berlin; Annett Zinsmeister, architectural theorist, Wuppertal/Berlin.

Dominique Biller studied art history and philosophy and is presently doing doctoral work in the sociology department on the topic “The Artist’s Studio.” She is a professor at the ICN Business School and the director of its “Art, Science and Business” lecture series. Biller was a guest of the art, science and business program in 2004/2005.