How will this web residency impact or sustain your existing project? Please describe how the residency may benefit your work as well as the current artistic, professional, activist, or community-related networks in which you insert this project. (maximum 1200 characters with spaces)

Provide up to three URLs to existing online projects. These submissions should run in any standard browser or Tor. Do not use this to submit attachments such as .zip files, and do not post a link to a resume or curriculum vitae. *Examples include video; screen-capture presentations; .gifs; apps; bots; software programs; open-source file sharing; emoji-based narratives; social media platforms; etc.


Are there any special requirements for any of the above URLs?

Provide an image that represents your practice or proposed project. This can be a sketch or visual idea rather than a finished visual artwork, but it should be original. (maximum 2mb)



Provide a brief biography of yourself or your collective and your relation to the communities you engage in your work, if relevant. (maximum 500 characters with spaces)

With this submission you understand that selected project proposals will be published on the Web Residency website.