Abstracted, Reflected (A 30-Day Journey Into the Other Side of the Mirror)

Jamie Denburg Habie, Guatemala/USA — Okt 19, 2016

Akademie Schloss Solitude - Abstracted, Reflected (A 30-Day Journey Into the Other Side of the Mirror)

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Thinking about the concept of SUPRAINFINIT, I imagine a reality that is here but not, superimposed on the day-to-day so closely that it would be easy to miss. Looking for these experiences and images becomes a practice in seeking everyday magic. In other words, alchemy becomes an optical pursuit; a treasure hunt for subjects transformed by the camera’s gaze.

To add to the universe of SUPRAINFINIT, I propose a photo journal project called “Abstracted,Reflected” that seeks to capture everyday moments where reflections–in mirrors, water, etc–transform objects and experiences into something otherworldly. That resulting “something” is open and bendable. It is the role of the camera to present the ordinary in a strange light but not to define it.

During the web residency, I will take one photograph or video per day. These images will be posted on Akedemie’s Instagram. By uploading daily, my intention is to post the images as a kind of internet-age meditation that presents everyday abstractions as visual and perhaps even spiritual riddles: What did the original object look like? How was it transformed? What are the elements that are influencing its transformation?

By participating in the world of SUPRAINFINIT, it is my hope to present the stranger side of the every day revealed in abstraction and reflection.

Jamie Denburg Habie is an artist living and working in Guatemala, New York City and the Bay Area. Jamie works with photography, video, sculpture, jewelry, light and sound installation.

Jamie is the Founder and Director of Art and Culture at New Roots Foundation.


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