All Eyes for the Starry Eyed Dreamer

Matthew Keff, Brooklyn, New York/USA — Okt 24, 2016

Akademie Schloss Solitude - All Eyes for the Starry Eyed Dreamer

Portfolio: 102116_schlosspostweb_mkeff_portfolio

Starry Eyed Dreamer is an installation work appearing at the apex and cohesion of the digital and physical realities. With emphasis on the silly and fantastical, the project celebrates the discovery of meaningfulness. Honing in methods of Make-Believe, Starry Eyed Dreamer aims to create an environment in which to consider feelings, empathy, the infinite and absurd. The work uses custom software to create whimsical digital elements with simulated physical properties, such as velocity and mass. Video projection and monitors are used to merge these elements into physical space.

Over the 4 weeks of the Schloss-Post Web Residency, I will construct several installation pieces using a combination of found objects, physical and digital, to illustrate and inspire thoughts of happy meaningfulness. The mainstay of these installations will take place at my home studio in brooklyn but would also be implemented in outdoors and other spaces. Documentation of the installations and research will be posted online on my website, along with some related interactive digital work.

Matthew Keff was born in 1985 in the Hudson River Valley of New York, US. In 2007, Matthew received a BFA at the School of Visual Arts with a focus on experimental cinema. Predominantly displaying online, his work has been featured on RNE Radio 3 and Noisey MX. Recent exhibitions include the CICA Museum KR, Matchbox Gallery Houston TX, Diorama Mexico City MX, Amos Eno Gallery, Elements Festival, and The Hollows Art Space in Brooklyn. Matthew currently lives and works in Brooklyn NY, US.

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