All the Planets Where the Sun Sets At the Same Time

Prayas Abhinav, Ahmedabad/India — Okt 13, 2016

Akademie Schloss Solitude - All the Planets Where the Sun Sets At the Same Time

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The *Museum of Vestigial Desire* is a collection of texts about desires that have expired; that no longer have an emotional basis. In the web-based museum, there are smaller collections of text that make up books. I would like to consider that the urge and motivation to cause a tidal shift in humanity’s consciousness, a massive change is no longer possible. We have to live (and maybe die) with who we are and give up hopes of a radical transformation of any kind. I would like to write a series of texts that make a book that talk about this flavour of our collective experience. After decades of intense hope and evangelical passion for change, now we are ready to be as we are. This book will be called, *All the Planets Where the Sun Sets At the Same Time*. During the course of the web residency, I will post one text every day and if there are any responses, I will incorporate them in the book as marginalia. Accompanying each text will be a semantic map/mind map which will engage with the text as a set of open issues. In the book, the planets where the sun sets at the same time will be described as plausible worlds where people live in the absolute absence of hope. These worlds will be described along with its inhabitants’ lives hung in balance by something other than the vacuousness. This other force will be revealed as the story unravels. A world after hope is pertinent for us to imagine at this time when politically we are distraught and ecologically we’re facing a certain ruin.

Prayas Abhinav is an artist and teacher. He has worked on numerous software, games, public interventions and curatorial projects. He contributed to research at (n.e.w.s) (Amsterdam, NL). He is the Director of the Museum of Vestigial Desire and founding member of Surfatial. He has developed his practice with the support of fellowships by Sarai, Openspace and TED. He has been in residencies at Khoj (India), Coded Cultures (Austria) and dis-locate (Japan).

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