And Every Other / Or Choreo-Future Possibilities

Joana Chicau, Rotterdam/The Netherlands — Okt 21, 2016

Akademie Schloss Solitude - And Every Other <body>/ Or Choreo-Future Possibilities

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“There is nothing corporeal in choreography. It is a substrata of a social order, which it simultaneously produces and represents.” Gerald Sigmund

I propose a reflection on post-medial choreography, one no longer rooted in the difference between human and non-human bodies, but one enacted in all the different units, media or substrates — expanding the notion of ‘bodies’ as much as the one of choreography.

During the four weeks an investigation [1] will be conducted which will support a live streaming of a coding performance [2], which will consequently lead to the construction of a choreographic score or a ‘corpus’ of code [3].

[1] On the presence/absence of the body: from a physical body to a choreographic digital body (score/script as an autonomous scriptural artifact).

[2] A continuous act of a live coding performance; enhancing the procedural qualities of writing/coding, and its immanent character; the fluidity of emergence; uncertainty; tactics of slowness/alternate speeds; enhancing the inherent physical, kinetic dimension of coding; and the movement vocabulary of micro adjustments and gestural shifts.
* inclusion of a Pirate Pad during the performance (real time shared editor for the audience to comment/share thoughts).

[3] To be published as source code.

A choreographic journey through web interfaces and data structures — a constantly redefined experimental zone — opening up the horizon for potential possibilities of performative ‘bodies’ and sensuous capacities.

Joana Chicau [PT] is a media designer and performer, with a background in classical ballet and contemporary dance. In her practice she investigates the possible connections between – and coexistence of – choreography and media design, aiming to open the possibilities for new aesthetic, energetic and social dimensions. Her project has grown into diverse live performances/coding demonstrations of her methodology/research.

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