Audio-Only Interactive Dream

Simon Hutchinson, New Haven/USA — Okt 18, 2016

Akademie Schloss Solitude - Audio-Only Interactive Dream

Portfolio: hutchinson-portfolio

During my residency, I would create a new online interactive game that visitors experience with only audio.

The primary means with which we interact with computers and the Internet is through our vision. Recently, though, explorations in audio-only games such as Robin Arnott’s Deep Sea and Somethin’ Else’s Papa Sangre have opened the door to new possibilities of interactive experiences. These games bypass this primary sense and instead force us to use our hearing to navigate the world of the game.

Their vision denied, players must use their imagination to fill in the gaps lost from their eyesight, offering the artist opportunities to craft a nebulous and flexible interactive world. Taking advantage of this freedom, I will craft a surreal narrative that unfolds like a dream. Visitors to the page will use their computer keyboards to navigate through an environment of 3D sound, with each player’s story shaped by their individual choices.

I have experience creating short games and distributing them on the web, as you can see from my portfolio. Many of my previous games emphasize music and sound, but all of these games include a visual component. The Scholsspost Web Residency would offer an excellent opportunity to complete this new, audio-only work and a platform with which to share it with a wide audience.

Thank you for your consideration.
Simon Hutchinson is a composer, new-media artist, and mad scientist who combines traditional music with digital technology and creative electronics, composing new music and art that engages with the relationships between art, technology, and society.

Hutchinson holds a PhD in Composition with supporting coursework in Intermedia Music Technology from the University of Oregon. He is currently Assistant Professor of Music Technology at the University of New Haven.

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