Aunt Johaha : A Taste of l’Avenir

Jennida Chase, Illinois/USA — Okt 17, 2016

Akademie Schloss Solitude - Aunt Johaha : A Taste of l’Avenir

Portfolio: jennida-chase-sn-portfolio

A web-based experimental cooking show based in alternative personas representing progress. Utilizing multiple forms and platforms (gifs, animation, looping videos, sound, performance, text and more) this project expands and collapses preconceived notions of age, class, citizenship, gender, and modern aesthetics while inviting conversation around a digital quest for nourishment. Manifestations of Aunt Johaha, our project’s protagonist, reinvent themselves like a culinary Dr. Who, themes of the kitchen remain constant like a Tardis. Representation of delivery formats- copies of the copy, illustrate the possibilities of shared knowledge and examine philosophy and post-internet concepts. A website or blog will centralize the project which lives largely in various social media platforms.
S/N is a multi-disciplinary collective, whose work pushes conceptual ideas around media, identity and social constructs. Members include Jennida and Hassan who’ve collaborated since 2008, exhibiting and screening worldwide in various festivals, galleries and museums. Currently both are at Southern Illinois University where Jennida teaches in the Dept of Cinema and Photography and Hassan is Tech Coordinator for the College of Mass Comm and Media Arts and Director of the Big Muddy Festival.

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