Be Whatever. Mask Yourself in the Glitch of Time.

Renee Carmichael, Berlin/Germany — Okt 13, 2016

Portfolio: carmichael-portfolio-2016

We are nervous. Our emotional labour is out of sync. We are the social glitch. We exist in different times/spaces, yet we scroll feeds of universality. They speak directly to us—a connected body of people. Whatever that means. We make this world human. We labour the identity that allows for us to belong where we already belong. Diversity doesn’t matter but it must be present—a menu of hardcoded identities. Even if we play along, we cannot escape nervousness. We interface as user, stuck in a loop of translation, feeling like we have to make a decision yet can never decide. We are nervous because we glitch and yet we belong: “What of today’s digital class? It has no choice but to speak, continuously and involuntarily….”*

But whatever. “Demilitarize being. Stand down. Cease participating in the system of subjective predication. Stop trying to liberate your desire. Forget 1968. Don’t “let it be,” leave be.”*

Taking this, I propose an interactive site/plugin that produces new identities to explore the internet through the ritualistic, concealing, and possessing nature of wearing a mask. You are given the identity of a mask (literally) that helps dictate your movements. It will be as much about identity as it is about the syncopation of time.

*pp143 The Interface Effect

Carmichael is an artist/coder/designer/writer exploring the relationship between code, content and design. She is the creator of FleeImmediately!, an experimental publication that questions technology today. Her work uses themes like The Dance Epidemic of 1518, web’s homage to print, OCD and computers, and code poetry. She has a Masters from Goldsmiths College in London in Interactive Media: Critical Theory & Practice and was a 2012 resident in the White Building, London. She lives in Berlin.

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