Kim Engelen, Berlin/Germany — Okt 21, 2016

Akademie Schloss Solitude - BRIDGES Bridge

Portfolio: kim-engelen_portfolio

Around the world, I am doing Bridge-Performances. These performances are made visual by photographs taken of me by inhabitants or fellow ‘tourists’ on bridges. I write ‘tourists’ between quotation marks, because at the moment of making I am not a tourist but an artist at work. These ongoing worldwide performances outside the art-institutions I bring into the worldwide web and into the art-context.

People keep learning, re/creating and re/positioning themselves. This process of change and growth I find interesting. I change the way the works come into existence and manipulate the role of the author and the subject. This is during production, by doing the Bridge-Performances and giving the unknown author my iPhone. But also in post-production, I continue this process, by manipulating the photographs to see how roles can change again of the viewer and viewed, observer and the observed, visible and the invisible, the anonymous and the wannabe.

For the Schlosspost web residency I want to work with found footage online of people in front of
a bridge. A quick google search: “Me in front of a bridge” gives you an idea of the possibilities.

Born in the Netherlands. Engelen lived and worked in 5 countries: Netherlands, Spain, USA, Sweden, Germany. Awarded with a degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts in the Netherlands. And a Master of Fine Arts in Critical and Pedagogical Studies in Sweden. Engelen is active professionally as a freelance lens-based performance artist. She was head lecturer and coordinator of SAE’s film-department, won the Short Rotterdam Price and had worldwide screenings, exhibitions, performances, TV appearances, publications etc.

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