Enter the Interspace

Maurice Andresen, Glasgow/Ireland — Okt 24, 2016

Akademie Schloss Solitude - Enter the Interspace

Portfolio: mauriceandresen_folio

A corporeal (physical) object, given the right tools, has limitless potential within virtuality. The virtual knows no boundaries, hence the format of the internet holds infinite possibilities. 

For SUPRAINFINIT I’m proposing a liminal space that resides within the browser, challenging the limitations of screen-based media to create an expansion of what we understand to be human-digital interaction. It will take shape as 360° videos and webpages which allow user interaction while maintaining and underlining a boundary between spectator (in front of computer) and performer (in the network). 3D rendered humanoid characters inhabit this space, giving it visual familiarity while continuously changing environment, dimensions and level of interaction. The browser becomes a gateway for users to get a glimpse of life without corporeality. My work will make users challenge the idea of a singular reality, entering a new world with its own laws.

I was born in south-west Germany and have lived in Glasgow since 2009. I graduated from Communication Design at the Glasgow School of Art in 2016, having broadened my practice into 3D animation, simulation and video game design. My work seeks the ethereal, portraying the mystical in an approachable form. Growing up near the Black Forest I was encouraged to imagine new worlds which, in combination with my love for video games, have lead me to creating virtual environments.

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