Fine Art Photographer/ Writer/ Design.

Russel thokozani kana ( badabeam), Nelson Mandela Metropolitan, Eastern Cape — Okt 14, 2016

Akademie Schloss Solitude - Fine Art Photographer/ Writer/ Design.

Artist Statement:
[examples of writings, photographs and other artistic works.]

My work delves with the identity crisis and cultural heritage within an African spirituality padagrim.
Should I be successful in my application my intention is to develop writings and fine images photographs drawing inspiration from African and western thought, eastern influences in image rendering as well as our own legacy of culture generation

[Education and experience]
The past three years I have been studying in the field of fine art and design in Europe, Bergen Norway. Within this period I was able to gain the necessary knowledge and develop my skill coupled with The key factors lying in being able to develop research by full access to internet. Having the space and cost material to work daily on my project aims as employment and last factor having the time resources which is crucial for sustainable development. Much skill and knowledge is wasted where all these factors are not available to the demise of society democratic improvements.My will is over a 1 year period in the approved space within the municipality to focus on my product development. Already I know art galleries are always willing to buy my work, but the challenge has been production which also stunts growth, such issues have to do with the price of printing transportation of goods and framing to ensure the client demands are met according to professional standard. Empowered and enabled with this art in residence funds I proceed to utilize a studio facility daily for production. This way I can able to send my work to art fairs nationally which are prime venues for exposing and selling new emerging artist especially when there is few of us with these capacities of economic growth.
Artist fair, art festivals are few such market places to benefit artist sells hence to bridge the divide between professional artist and those without those rights to powers of economic development is dependent on resources empowerment.

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