Private: Floating in the Sphere

Zhang Li / Shanghai, China — Okt 24, 2016

Portfolio: Li_Portfolio

SUPRAINFINIT is a ball like Earth. But people living inside the ball rather than on the surface of ball. The sun and the moon inside the ball. They kept the rotation, make the SUPRAINFINIT day alternates with night. The SUPRAINFINIT also turns round from West to East.
Here, people can easily get out of the gravity of SUPRAINFINIT. Construction can be suspended. All was tied to the horizon of the construction will not be considered. They don’t need to travel, because they can be replaced at any time they want to live. Some Special light material that we see the inside of the structure. Inside or outside, what we want to see?

Zhang Li
1992 Born in Shanghai, China
2015 Graduated from Shanghai Institute of Visual Art (SIVA) , Shanghai, China
Currently lives and works in Shanghai, China
2016 Blash, MOCA/K11, Shanghai
2015 Specimen, Zenda Zhujiajiao art museum, Shanghai
2014 Shine, ART 021, Shanghai
2013 Shine, Chelsea College of Arts , London

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