Free Mind

Mía Fierr, Ecuador — Okt 19, 2016

Akademie Schloss Solitude - Free Mind


My project proposes an evolution to consciousness. are drawings ( hand drawings, computer assisted painting) created from a pure automatism. that transcend human faces according to the connection of both hemispheres.

time to take an evolutionary leap into a new state of being, from the current pragmatic materialism that prevails in society to the domain of a type of man with all its potential and awakened consciousness, a man that his divine nature is recognized has come and manager feels his destiny and the paths of humanity.

María Mercedes Fierro (Mia Fierr)

I was born in Riobamba Ecuador in 1971

In beginning my training it was self-taught until when the Ecuadorian state grant me a full scholarship to college.

I entered the School of Art at the State University of Bolivar and four years later obtained the degree of Bachelor of Science

Education mention “Fine Arts”

After getting my degree in 2015, an innovative design methodology is the development of the right brain,

thereby taking a life commitment with 14- and 15-year-old, a total of 500 students from two elementary schools in Riobamba.

The goal, finding a “free mind” comprehensive, humanist and sensitive human beings.

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