Group 16 Evidence

Chris Binder, Germany; United Kingdom — Okt 17, 2016

Akademie Schloss Solitude - Group 16 Evidence

Portfolio: portfolio-binder-2016

The hidden workings of group 16 are still not very well known by many people. My project for the duration of the web residency would be to find evidence for the secret society`s entanglement in many countries.
During earlier attempts to unveil the conspiracy, I had difficulties to convince friends and colleagues of the group’s existence. Therefore I would use the grant to place banner adverts all over the internet in order to call out for help from fellow humans. The banner would ask them if they have seen evidence of a secret group and upon clicking, redirect to a website with instructions on how to provide evidence. In turn, this proof would be collected and displayed on the web residency.
I think that with the responses from real human beings who post evidence on a multitude of social media networks, we can answer the question about whether gruppe sechzehn exists or not once and for all.
I have been particularly interested in reaching broader audiences apart from traditional display/exhibition concepts for some time now and would be interested in how the interplay of real persons, social media and internet advertising correlate with an artistic quest that questions perception and knowledge on the thin line between fable and science.
I am an artist and a student at ABK Stuttgart. After two years of drawing and printing, I eventually became more interested in interactive forms of art and broadening the notion of artistic practice. I see my current studies in England as a way to open up my medial and conceptual understanding of art. With multiple ongoing projects which expand on my more traditional studio work, I am at present investigating topics like knowledge and narration in a subversive way.

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