[Hope] \If We Become. [Hope]

Samantha Harvey, London/UK — Okt 19, 2016

Akademie Schloss Solitude - [Hope] \If We Become. [Hope]

Portfolio: portfolio_samanthaharvey

Hope, is a worldwide phenomenon. Bypassing all cultures and continents. It can be hope about anything personal to you, and this is what I would like to create. A bubble of hope that can be interpreted into your own personal prospect. Everyone is seeing the same thing, but your own unique imagination has to be used to further its potential. This is similar to reading story books, and it will come from poetic language, perhaps a voice echoing out from the screen, or words briefly appearing and disappearing to spark an idea. Each post will be a gif; pulsating and throbbing over and over again. Twitching and waiting there, teasing the viewing in it’s infinite loop of expectation. There might be a ghostly voice flooding out of the screen nestled amongst them.

One example floating in space might read “For time is in place, but what does it want?”, then it fades out cryptically with the imprint left faded leaving an ephemeral mark on the page. Then reappearing again a short time after. Creating a series of mysterious posts, addressing issues in this world but as if they are a fading memory, or a dream we’ve just woken up from. Someone typing a text might appear, then they dissolve into pixels, underneath showing a message for the viewer such as “for now, we are fixed, but we will emerge in a dream or in a reality”. It is a series of clues, like a treasure hunt, laying an unusual non-linear path with no prize at the end. Just a journey of discovery about yourself, and the world in which we could live.
Graduated from MA Photography at Central Saint Martins in 2016. Influenced by Geert Lovink and Florian Schnieder’s idea of a ‘Virtual World’ and how to radicalise the rules of access, seeking to explore how shared capacities and decision-making could potentially create alternative social spaces. Not just within a digital space in which the work already occupies, but taking ideas that exist in the virtual and using those concepts to bleed into a physical space.

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