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Carlos Fuentes, México — Okt 14, 2016

Akademie Schloss Solitude - I Project The Art

Any species WILL MAKE THEM FREE, included the human beings, it has the right to live at liberty and in his natural habitat. Scientists and organizations for the protection of animals have documented widely the hurt suffered as a result of the captivity – stress, neurosis, sadness, depression, abnormal and self- destructive behavior – and they have declared in opposition to the zoos. To this there adds the great quantity of species that die every year after the gratings and the sale and illegal traffic of copies. And though governments and private associations argue the educational intention of the zoos, there has been demonstrated that his principal function is that of the entertainment. Our responsibility and obligation is it of protecting the natural environment, since our life and the continuity of our species depend on the balance of the planet. Far from bordering to the animals in limited spaces, which corresponds is to protect his environment and enaltecer his presence in this planet. My offer goes in this direction. AIMS:

  1. To raise 100 sculptures of different animals, in natural size.
  2. To provide information about each of the represented species:

name, habitat, conduct, if it is or not on the verge of extinction and everything necessary to give an idea it nearest and complete possible of his current situation. 3. To wake the conscience up in the spectator on the respect that has to to him to his environment. EJECUCIÒN:
1. The sculptures will be elaborated by residues of branches or trunks of trees that already fulfilled his life cycle. This will allow to the spectator to be aware of the importance of the recycling and the power of the imagination. 2. The information about every animal will rest on literary texts, photographies and videoes, in order that the observation and the learning turn into a playful experience.
3. There will be designed different activities like workshops and panels of debate, between others, in order that the visitors could do offers and to interfere in projects of conservation. I am sure that the art is not only a representation of the reality, even it can transform it. Also it has the

force to knock down the walls that have atrophied our conscience and prevent us from observing clearly the path of the flight or the fingerprints of the herd. Then, why not to replace the zoos with theme parks where sculptures of animals in natural size coexist in his habitat? Why not to gather the missed pieces and to connect them patiently and many tenderness, to return the breath to them? Why not to transport ourselves to a magic world where the sublime thing and the earthly thing coexist in perfect harmony?

Carlos Fuentes Montanes was born in Mexico City in 1958. Since that crawl, dig and paints, always and everywhere. He studied at the National School of Plastic Arts, with Aceves Navarro, Nishizawa and Begoña Zorrila. Later he served as a professor at the Cumbres Institute in arts and universal art history. For many years he worked with Club Med as creative head of scenery for the club around the world, from the Mexican Cancun and Playa Blanca, Sonora and Huatulco, to the Caribbean in the Bahamas and North Africa, in Korba, Djerba la Douce and White House, in accordance with nature and with debt that she has pending, friendship, gratitude and respect.

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