Ludovico Ariosto, Somewhere in Asia — Okt 13, 2016

Akademie Schloss Solitude - #IdrawTheInternet

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What would you bring to expand the SUPRAINFINIT horizon?

Nudes. Home made. Hand drawn.

@akademiesolitude #TakeOver
@akademiesolitude #feedBeautificationThroughPortraitDrawings

Hope is the new oxygen and the future is now. We present our sexual self to others via a constant stream of autocurated images in which we exist for a whole 8 seconds.

It’s not thoughts but images what weaves inbetween the digital and the ever shifting physical world. Images of nature. Bare images.

The concept behind the Akademie’s Instagram feed’s intervention towards a SupaInfinit lies within the depiction of portraits of humans of fluid sexualities as they exist online by the means of hand-drawing portraits on paper of a series of persons whom I don’t know yet exist on my screen.

I will generate one image per day for the duration of the residency. The images are part of a curated stream of sexually fluid persons, whether homo, trans, by, or hetero. If they are comfortable with appearing online, I am comfortable with capturing their images and making them mine through my work.

As with any act, this one requires of consent, so I will make sure that the depicted persons give me permission, expressed in writing, to post their images in the public realm of the internet. These exchanges might or might not be included in the work itself but will be available to the public if requested.


I started drawing some few months ago and one can say that my graphical production is at an early stage. That’s also why it’s rapidly evolving. While I received some formal education in design aesthetics, most of my references and inspiration comes from cam sites and people posting stuff on reddit and instagram.
I am interested in re-representing personal self disclosure within the public space of the Internet. Because let’s face it: People who think that privacy and anonymity can be attained online are plainly delusional.

While some may consider my art as erotica, I categorically reject this categorization as I simply see my drawings as portraits. I understand that portraiture is one of the oldest traditions in art and that is why I enjoy the interplay that occurs when I materialize the electronic world of bits by the means of putting atoms of ink to atoms of paper.

I have decided to dispense with power operations such as copy-paste, clone and undo in favor of spontaneity and mistake.

Quoting my own hashtag #IdrawTheInternet

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