Karl-Heinz M.

Grzegorz Kwiatkowski, Gdańsk/Poland — Okt 19, 2016

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During this scholarship I would be working on my next book of poems called Karl-Heinz M. This book is in it’s method very similar to American poet Edgar Lee Masters and his Spoon River Anthology. But the topics are different. I’m very interested in history topics. My grandfather was a prisoner of Nazi concentration camp Stutthof. But later he was forced to be Wehrmacht soldier. My poems talks about things from history, for example about T4 eugenic program and this new future book Karl-Heinz M. will be mainly about Nazi euthanasia program T4 and eugenics. But not only. I also write about nowadays genocide (Rwanda, Tutsi and Hutu) and I am mostly interested in all edge and paradoxical stuff. In my literary I’m also interested in combination of ethic and esthetic in one person, one life, one story.

I am well known poet in the youngest polish poetry generation (born in 1984). My books were published in polish best publishing house which is Biuro Literackie. My books were translated into german by Bernhard Hartmann who is translator of polish literary masters – Tadeusz Różewicz, Hanna Krall, Adam Zagajewski. My poetry was also translated into russian, english, hungarian, slovenian and got many awards, international scholarships and international publications. I am also memeber of europian literary platform Verspolis. I was also guest of many international literary festivals for example guest of Oslo international poetry festival . As of topic: I am also musician in band Trupa Trupa (Sasha Frere-Jones, one of world’s most influencial music critics in The La Times: Headache as one of the best LPs of 2015 and Trupa Trupa one of the best rock bands, more at: www.trupatrupa.com). List of most important awards: The beneficiary of the Styria Artist in Residence Scholarship (Styrian Government, Austria, 2017). The beneficiary of the Artist in Residence Scholarship (Kulturkontakt Austria, 2016). The beneficiary of the International House of Writers Graz Scholarship (2015, Austria). Shortlisted for the Polityka Passports (2009, 2010, 2015). Beneficiary of the Polish National Centre for Culture scholarship Młoda Polska (2013). Beneficiary of the Polish Ministry of Culture scholarship. (2012). Winner of the Splendor Gedanensis prize (2015, 2011). Three time winner of the Storm of the Year prize by Gazeta Wyborcza (2015, 2014, 2012). Beneficiary of the Grazella Foundation Scholarship (2009).

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