Landscape Poetics

Marguerite Kalhor, Santa Cruz, California/USA — Okt 21, 2016

Akademie Schloss Solitude - Landscape Poetics

Portfolio: suprainfinit-proposal-_kalhor

‘Landscape Poetics’ is an exploration of incorporating the sensibilities of traditional landscape painting and fragmentary moments of natural environments found in modernist poetry. like the poem, the GIF image possesses the qualities of a fleeting moment and sequences the power of an instantaneous movement. this project seeks to disrupt the popular use of the GIF, but rather than replicating it to grandiose details and proportions they will retain their humble size dimensions. the resulting media object will be a series of landscapes composed in html and exist on – a domain that is yet to have a purpose. the time spent during residency will be used to create several sprite-style GIF images, and to construct the accompanying poems for the images to rest on. the poems will be derived from pre-existing forms and techniques. not only will the page depict a visual landscape, but the ‘calligrammic’ structure of the textual component of the
piece will echo the language described and serve as environment for its GIF inhabitants.

Marguerite Kalhor is a california-based new media artist. Kalhor is currently interested in the plurality of messages embedded in digital portraiture, drawing
invisible relationships through identifying visual similarities spanning across media, and social media as perpetually evolving organisms of banality as western culture’s exit strategy from the ‘society of the spectacle.’ her previous work combines christian
ideology, persian and japanese motifs, narrative theory and popular iconography.

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