Las Preguntas

Valentina Alvarado Matos, Maracaibo/Venezuela & Barcelona/Spain — Okt 21, 2016

Akademie Schloss Solitude - Las Preguntas

Portfolio: Valentina-portfolio

From ¨Las preguntas¨ (in english The Questions) song by Helado Negro – artist and musician with whom I have worked in previous opportunities i start to recreate visual scenarios the sound and the song.
Short videos that will be daily uploading and are directly related to the musical piece, giving a feeling of postcards shot of blinking, of glimpses.
A visual essay where continuity between color, texture and movement are present but made, built and also show/upload in an audiovisual exquisite corpse format.
We see every day in our social networks visual streamings of daily activities that involves food, people, texture, places.
But what happened when we record conscious motion images around a letter song but also thinking in terms of image chains.
To become a urban fisherman of moving images. A linker between color, video, light, texture and sound but also to propose and experiment a different format of music videos where the journal, visual poetry and word/image associations are all content in a virtual end ephemeral space.

Native of Maracaibo, Valentina Alvarado Alvarado gained a BA in Graphic Design at the Universidad del Zulia where she has also worked as a professor in the Experimental Arts Faculty. She is a MFA in Universidad de Barcelona, Spain where she currently works and lives.
Her professional career in graphic design has run parallel to her development as a visual artist. She has created the fanzines OK Cúpido and Desvalijando objetos (y otras cosas) since 1986. Alvarado has taken part in the group shows: Salón de Jóvenes Artistas Emergentes (CEVAZ Gallery, 2006), Salón Supercable de Jóvenes Artistas (Feria Internacional de Arte 2011), Propuesta de arte emergente (Centro de Arte Los Galpones, 2011), Reconstruir territorios (Oficina #1 in the Velada Santa Lucía 2011), Reconstruir territorios (Oficina #1, 2011), Prácticas vs. Teoréticas (MACZUL, 2013). Historial de navegación (BackroomCaracas, July 2014) was her first solo show.
In 2015 she exhibits in JUST MAD, Madrid Art Fair; EQX Festival, Barcelona. Mapes Desorientats group exhibition, Pere Prune Center, Barcelona, Salón de Jóvenes Artistas, Los Galpones, Caracas, Agosto 2015. and is part of the video collection in VIVO Media Arts Centre, Vancouver, Canadá.
She showed her work in Oberhausen Film Festival as a part of a curated selection named: ¨El pueblo: search for Latin America – The Outsider IN¨, Pravo Ljudski Film Festival in Sarajevo, among others.

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