Memorials of the Future

Aron Rossman-Kiss, Switzerland — Okt 24, 2016

Akademie Schloss Solitude - Memorials of the Future

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Memory there is a tricky thing. They don’t have a word for it and don’t understand — or pretend to — when given an explanation. Linguists, translators and archivists have spent their lives pondering the enigma. How to describe memory to them ?
When travelling there, the absence remains unnoticed at first glance. Most traveller accounts don’t mention the fact. For a very long time, we have thought they were just like us. Don’t they also build memorials ? Yet few have explored these strange monuments scattered all over their cities, some dwarf-sized, others reaching monstrous proportions. Some of them are bigger than our own towns. Travellers assumed they were memorials.I have studied them and understood that they only rarely express any connection to what we call the past. They are an ode to the present. They are highways to the future. Built in different stages, at different times, the inhabitants consider them as sets of rules for their everyday lives. They strive to live according to their design — this is explains some of their strange habits.
I propose to present and continue this ethnographic research during the upcoming month. 30 monuments will be selected, their sketched drawn or photographed and characteristics explained. All of these case studies will be shown on a website where visitors will be invited to leave thoughts, questions or answers. Hopefully,exploring SUPRAINFINIT’s monuments will in turn invite us to ponder our memorials.

Aron Rossman-Kiss is a young visual artist born and based in Geneva. His work blends elements of contemporary art, anthropology and documentary research.His interests lead him to explore questions related to memory and approach political and social issues through documentary fiction.
In addition to his artistic work, he studies cultural anthropology. An introduction to his work can be seen on his site:

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