Messages from a Wobbling Bottle

Sven Dehens & Anna Scholiers, Brussels/Belgium — Okt 21, 2016

Akademie Schloss Solitude - Messages from a Wobbling Bottle

Portfolio: cvportfolioannascholiers & portfolio-cv-sven-dehens

The message in a bottle is a trope which has been formed almost exclusively by cinema and is mainly dealing with love and survival. In the research leading up to this application we embarked on the exploration of the conditions of the message in a wobbling bottle far-out at sea. In a state of urgency and giving voice to a circumcised desperation, these messages meditate the problem of the affect-stridden riddle. During our residency at Schloss-Post, we wish to look for the potential of this affective and intimate sayspace in the frame of the webpage. Through a chain of scripted messages, multiple voices will take on distinct tones directly addressing the visitor while saying sorry, expressing love, being angry, flirting heavily, acting frivolous, feeling funny, calling out a long lost love,…
Within this wobbling webspace, the analogue and romantic messages in the bottle floating in the vast oceans collide with the outspoken and opinionated messages posted by anonymous users on the deep web. Both aspiring responses, they are conscious that chances are slim of ever receiving any. The online sayspace struggles with its own delay, however compressed. But it might be the closest to a form of time-travel we’ll ever get, so let us surge its potential.

Anna Scholiers (BE, 1987) and Sven Dehens (BE, 1990) live and work in Brussels. Anna Scholiers is a sociologist, visual artist and curator. Sven Dehens is a visual artist and curator. They worked together on different projects ranging from a video-lecture for a symposium on e-learning for LUCA, School of Arts (The Exhibition Screen), an online livestream reflecting on the festival Now. You Are Here (Ghent) and the exhibitions Collective Gardens in Komplot and Becoming Red in Greylight Projects.

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