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Marijana Radovic, Berlin/Germany — Okt 21, 2016

Akademie Schloss Solitude - Pearl’s Travel Blog

Portfolio: radovicmarijana_portfolio

Before she became a blogger, Pearl spent many monotonous years trapped in an oyster. And before that, she spent a few equally monotonous years in an office as a souvenir coffee mug from Mallorca until one night, during the company’s Christmas party, she fell from the balcony and eventually ended up at the bottom of the North sea, broken into countless micro pieces. In order to free herself from the daily grind and build up her own new identity, Pearl started a travel blog – her online journal on self-discovery and exploration.

On her journeys she documents the vast emotional landscapes, the transfigured panoramic inner views, the dewy gardens of memory and much more. When she travels to a new place, Pearl always tries her best to fit in without losing her integrity. Her individual style sticks out in the travel-blogging game.

Pearl is a character from my previous exhibition and through this blog I wish to develop her character further and present it at my next exhibition, which will then evolve into a next one and so forth. This way I am trying to open a (more or less) new perspective on the formats of exhibiting art in time and space, or at least redefine the term ‘ongoing’.

At the same time, I am trying to create my portfolio website without confining to indexes. Ideally, these projects that stem from one story but then they span over different media, should be united in a sort of a web ring, in collaboration with the people and institutions that participated in my work.

Marijana Radovic, born in Belgrade in 1984, currently lives and works in Berlin. Studied Illustration at the University of Arts in Belgrade and Digital media at the Hochschule für Künste in Bremen, Germany. So far exhibited in Belgrade, Bremen, Berlin, Sinai, Tumblr, Instagram and local American TV.

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