Sophia Sobers, Pittsburgh/PA — Okt 13, 2016

Akademie Schloss Solitude - Plant.UTOPIA

Portfolio: sobers_portfolio_2016

We are in the age of the “anthropocene” where “human activity is the dominant influence on climate and the environment” (wikipedia). What happened to the plants? Do they not deserve to live within the human utopia and all that is the internet – social media – snapchat? For the Schlosspost Web Residency, I am proposing a series of live web performances giving reiki and energy healing to plants, setting up GIFuniverse and web collage compositions, as a new world that can reGENERATE energy for plants, flora, and all things earthly. I am an artist who is attracted to all things ritual, spiritual, supernatural, and other worldly, and want to extend this to the performative and spectacle nature of the internet. These projects will have their own existence on as well as possible live and more curated venues such as periscope, instagram, snapchat, vine and fb live stream, in order to maximize the bandwith of the internet and presence of something so foreign to the digital 0s and 1s of the www.

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